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A selection of gorgeous tattoos by Shpadyreva Julia, a tattoo artist based in Moscow, Russia.See more on her Instagram page. #1 X Tattoo on Hand #2 Three Stars Tattoo on Arm #3 Chess Pieces Tattoo on Forearm #4 Heartbeat Tattoo on Forearm #5 Geometric Tattoo on Forearm #6 Snake Tattoo Behind the Ear #7 Black …

Tattoo Back Women Flowers

One of the sexiest part of our body is the ankle. How to make our ankle more attractive? I think we should do something this year. Ankle is very sensitive and we can always expose the ankle out even in winter, so the best choice for us is to get ankle tattooed. The ankle tattoo is such a brilliant idea because you can easily hide the tattoo by a pair of socks and when in summer you can show your tattoo out. And the best tattoo design for ankle is the floral tattoo. Why? Because they are so girlish and so chic. Any flower designs will work, just depends on your taste. Discover the gorgeous and stunning ankle floral tattoo ideas we have and you will get inspired. Book an appointment with your tattoo artist and get your ankle tattoo done. Enjoy!

Tattoo Back Big Tatoo

“Atatürk hem geçmiştir, hem gelecektir! Atatürk ölümsüzlüğün adıdır!”

Tattoo Back Old School Design

Tattoo Back Women Compass

A compass tattoo represents the quest to find the right path in life, a determined life line and staying true to one’s principles. Since ancient times, compasses have helped people to find the right direction and have saved people from death.

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